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Mental Health Vitality

Revitalizing to live into our full potential 

MHV exists to bring hope, service, and healing to individuals, couples, and families. We are committed to giving service to our clients to achieve fulfilling lives by providing counseling and coaching services. 

Mental Health:


According to the World Health Organization, having stable mental health is much more than just the absence of mental illness.  It is having the capability to work and deal with the common pressures of life; being able to eat, sleep, work, and relax without feeling nervous, sad, or angry.  People with good mental health influence their surroundings in a positive way. 




Vitality is the concept of feeling alive. Psychological vitality is awareness of the idea that one’s actions have both meaning and purpose.  Hand-in-hand, one can approach life with excitement, energy, and adventure while feeling alive and activated.  


Mental Health Vitality:


MHV is about approaching life with positive energy and reflective engagement in order to live a meaningful life.  It is integrating one's body, mind, and life; taking care of physical, emotional, and relational well-being.

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